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Our Leadership

Luke Fiser
General Manager

Luke joined The Pool Management Group in 2017 and is responsible for supporting all local partners companies in business processes, financial performance, and operations.  A native of both North Carolina and Florida, Luke's previous experience includes management in the construction industry where he oversaw operations and analytics for all projects nationwide at Altisource. Luke was also responsible for distribution and logistics for a Global shipping company in Tampa. Luke received his BS in Mathematics and Accounting from Western Kentucky University.

About Our Team

Aquatic Management of Charlotte  provides pool management, lifeguard staffing services and pool maintenance services across North Charlotte and Concord areas.   

Our Safety Advisors

As part of The Pool Management Group network, our customers and employees receive the expertise of our internationally renowned Safety Advisors, Dr. Tom Griffiths and the team at Aquatic Safety Research Group. Their expertise is instilled throughout our risk reduction techniques and lifeguard training.  

Dr. Griffiths was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame and is a Paragon Safety Award winner for his water safety efforts. He has been awarded the National Recreation and Park Association Distinguished Aquatic Service Award for a lifetime achievement and designated a European Lifeguard Academy Friend of the Academy for significant contributions to preventive Lifeguarding. Dr. Griffiths has also been named to  “Who’s Who in Aquatics- The Top 100”, and “Power 25- Top 25 most powerful aquatics professionals in the World”, by Aquatics International Magazine.

Dr. Griffiths has authored more than 300 papers that have been published in scientific, professional and popular journals. He is an external reviewer for the American Red Cross Swimming and Diving publications. 

The Pool Management Group

Our parent company, The Pool Management Group, and the 16 other companies in The Pool Management Group support Coastal Pool Management in our operations. In fact, the employees at headquarters don't run any pools directly. Instead, they're solely dedicated to assisting the various locations in our family of companies. 

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